UN Committee concerned by Impact of Financial Crisis on Rights of Women and Girls: Statement on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

„The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women expresses its concern on the effects of the current international financial and economic crisis and its impact upon the full realization of human rights of women and girls worldwide…“

While the scale of the current crisis is still largely unmeasured, it is expected that women and girls in both developed and developing countries will be particularly affected by the potential social and economic consequences, such as unemployment, increase of responsibilities both at work and at home, decrease of income and potential increase in societal and domestic violence.

„In such a context, it is necessary to identify and respond to specific needs of women and girls. Gender perspectives should be taken into account in relation to the impacts of the crisis on both a long and short-term basis, including in relation to education, health, security and livelihoods. Particular attention must be paid to providing women with access to programs aimed at immediately alleviating poverty and hunger, with a view to guaranteeing that national and international efforts effectively reach those most in need and that funding of programs for women’s empowerment is not eroded.

„The Committee underscores the importance of recognizing the unique contribution that women can make in the timely resolution of the crisis. It calls upon States parties to include women in the dialogue and decision-making processes around these issues. The Committee further urges States parties to comply with all their obligations under the CEDAW Convention in spite of the global financial crisis.“

Source: http://www.unhchr. ch/huricane/ huricane. nsf/0/729C9B2059 2FE293C125755500 57FE47?opendocum ent

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