Manifesto for a prostitution-free society

Manifesto for a prostitution-free society

At a time when the Consumer Society has managed to recycle the sexual exploitation of others into just another „leisure commodity“ we are making a plea for resistance.
Le Mouvement du Nid refuses prostitution just as it refuses poverty, exclusion, slavery, torture, racism and trafficking – all of which are integral parts of it. We call for a political, social and cultural commitment, a common front against the prostitutional system as a whole. Prostitution is not a „necessary evil“ nor is it „unavoidable“ nor is it a „profession“ ; it is a breeding ground for violence, sexism and racism. Prostitution is an archaism that subsists at the core of our societies.

A statement

Prostitution transforms millions of human beings – women, men, children, transgender – into merchandise, in France and throughout the world !
Trafficking for prostitutional purposes is rapidly developing everywhere on Earth, in response to the supposedly „irrepressible needs“ of prostituting clients.
Women’s bodies are still seen as a place to „unwind“, a „warrior’s rest“, accompanying events throughout the world (sports, military, professional, political, tourism, etc.)

A call

At a time when the Consumer Society has managed to recycle the sexual exploitation of others into just another „leisure commodity“, we are calling for vigilance. Let us refuse the merchandising of all human beings !

Let us maintain the optimism and the values of the Human Rights Declaration : let us begin resistance against the dictatorship of the Market Society !
Demands for a coherent policy, here and now
Elimination of criminalization of solicitation, which penalizes the prostituted person.
The inclusion of the principle of the liability of the prostituting client in legislation and the implementation of educational sanctions against them.
A true enforcement of legislation on the repression of procuring and an end to indulgence for its new, less visible forms (massage parlors, hostess bars, Internet, classified ads, etc.)
The implementation of a true gender-equality policy for girls and boys and of sex education based on the notion of shared desire and respect for the other in school programs.
The implementation of a true policy for the reduction of the risks of prostitution, aimed at all audiences.
Proposing credible and solid alternatives to prostitution and of ways and means of encouraging social reintegration.

Together, let us put an end to violations of humans rights…

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